Six-spotted Orb Weaver

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May 18, 2010

The Six-spotted Orbweaver (Araniella displicata) is fairly common in May.

Six-spotted Orbweaver (Araniella displicata)

Six-spotted Orbweaver (Araniella displicata)

It gets its name from the six black spots–three on each side–of its bright white-to-yellow abdomen.

These little spiders make their webs on the top of large leaves, folding the edges of the leaves up and weaving the web to cover the leaf.

Six-spotted Orbweaver (Araniella displicata) snare in leaf

Six-spotted Orbweaver, snare in leaf

I have only found them on trees with large palmate leaves, like sycamores and maples. However, it has been found to be a major predator of Codling Moths in apple and stone fruit orchards and of pests of pine forests in New England and Eastern Canada, so it obviously is not too choosy about the shape of the leaf on which it builds its snare.

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